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We build software systems primarily in Python and PHP with various SQL ands NoSQL databases.

Our clients range from SMEs to well-known household names and cover a wide range of industries from professional services consulting, publishing, electricity generation, volunteering and more.

Our software developers' commercial coding experience spans some 30 years, starting with banking systems coded in RPG/400 on IBM AS/400 mini computers for a major UK high street bank, then progressing through the client server era of the late 1990s and early 2000s (mainly on various flavours of Smalltalk, VB/VBA and SQLWindows), up to today's predominantly Web and API centric world using Python and PHP.

SQL based databases remain the main data storage layer for the bulk of business applications. We have built many dozens of systems on a variety of platforms, including: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLBase, SQLite and Oracle (amongst others).

Our development team holds formal certification from Microsoft for SQL Server and Sun (now Oracle) for MySQL.

Based just outside the historic city of Bath (South West England), we are ideally situated to cater for clients in the local area (Bristol - Bath - Swindon), and right into London or Cardiff. With remote working now the norm, we can of course work with clients anywhere in the UK and beyond.